Welcome! All learners of English for Tourism

Hello, everyone! It is my pleasure to meet you at this online course English for Tourism. This is my blog. You can comment on my post, discuss questions or share your ideas here. I will regularly post useful links or pages for you to better have this online course. I hope every one can learn a lot and have fun in learning English!



Virtual worlds and learning

Hello everyone,

This is an infographic about virtual worlds and learning. It covers some basic information in this area. Please feel free to comment.




Life is a voyage that never ends.

Because life is short and the world is large.

This is the introduction of a travelling blog-never ending voyage.

URL: http://www.neverendingvoyage.com

This is a well-designed travelling blog about a couple who sold everything to travel the world! They have been to almost every country and write lots of information about how to book tickets or how to make a itinerary in a strange country. Hope it is useful for you to explore a new world!


Welcome to Ingrid’s wonderland

Hi! I’m a Chinese girl who’s currently studying in the University of Edinburgh. I love travelling and sharing stories with my friends. As a TESOL major student, I plan to post tourism English on this blog. You can learn English while appreciating the enchanting scenery of the world! Hope you enjoy yourself in Ingrid’s wonderland!

London trip

Last week, I enjoyed a 4-day trip to London with my friends. It is such a charming city with enchanting scenery. I fall in love with her at the first sight! Here are some wonderful pictures reminding of the happy memories.